The Five Biggest Things to Consider About Outdoor Perimeter Security


Whether it’s your home or your business, it’s important to protect your place.  Creating outdoor perimeter security can keep you, your family and your property safe.  Technology has come a long way and that’s a great thing.  It can be overwhelming though.  To help make the process simpler, we have singled out the top five things to consider in regards to outdoor perimeter security.


What is Outdoor Perimeter Security?


The area that surrounds a structure or property is called the outside perimeter, and perimeter security is the precaution that prevents intruders from entering the area.


Five Outdoor Perimeter Security Considerations

  1. Locks

These days, it’s not enough to just lock up and forget about it.  Criminals are quite resourceful and determined too.  Locks are often smashed with one blow and the barrier you thought was so effective is now not. You will want to purchase locks that are constructed of the thickest, strongest, hardest metal alloys possible. Something else to take into consideration is the fact that many locks are hung on chains. The strength of the chain is as important as that of the lock since criminals can cut or smash the chain and gain entry.


Lock picking is something that most home or business owners worry about.  Far more common than picking a lock is the possibility of the lock being bumped.  Lock bumping is a technique of opening a lock using a special key.   With 2/3 of all break-ins being reported as unforced entries, the use of lock bumping ranks is the third most popular mode of entry, coming in only behind unlocked windows and unlocked doors.  More than 95% of all locks sold at hardware stores are vulnerable to bump locking. Unauthorized key entry is a legitimate concern as is unauthorized key duplications.  Another issue that occurs more often than people may think is the failure to lock locks.  Humans will be humans and it does happen.



There’s something about a wall that screams “stay out”.  Walls are naturally intimidating and have been used for centuries to keep the enemy out.  They have been incorporated by countries to keep intruders away so don’t underestimate the power of building a wall around your property.

If you build a wall though, it must be a strong one that can handle a car attempting to ram through it.  Once again, criminals will stop at nothing, not even a wall, to get through to get the goods.  Be sure any wall you put up has been tested thoroughly, has good crash ratings and can stand up to all that can be dished out.

The height of a wall is of equal importance.  If it can be scaled up, chances are it will be.  

The downside to a tall wall is that you can’t see over it, so you have no way to know who may be lurking on the other side.  Installing a surveillance camera on the other side is always an option.  You must think like a criminal in order to protect yourself from them.

  1.  Fences

Electric fences, spiked fences, barbed wire fences...they are all varieties of fences that are used to keep criminals out...or sometimes, such as in prisons, to keep criminals in.   

There are many things to consider when fencing your property.  Price, aesthetics and function are among those.  For some, a picket fence may serve the intended purpose, a subtle statement of privacy.  For others, an electric fence is required to meet security demands.   

Height, strength and thickness of the fence is important when considering how secure it will be as well as the size of gaps it has in its construction.  If you are wanting to keep intruders out, you will want a fence that has gaps small enough that a human couldn’t crawl through them.  You will also want to be sure a car could not drive through one if you are looking to be extra cautious.  Wood fences can be easily hacked apart while steel fences are more difficult to compromise.


Your intention for having a fence will determine many things about your fencing needs.   

Generally fences are not the main form of security but, rarely is a place secure without some type of fence.




What do you think of when you think of a gated community?  Privacy and security is what most imagine.  A gate enables you to allow or deny access to your property.  It is a moving perimeter security boundary of sorts.  You can also lock people in, which might be hard to imagine, but if there was a crime committed on the property due to gate access, you could actually gain access back and lock the criminal in until the authorities arrive.  Criminals actually take that into consideration...or, at least the wise ones do.

If you install a security gate, you must also decide on a way to allow entry or to deny it.  

Will you have a gatekeeper?  A locking mechanism?  Perhaps you will employ the use of a padlock when the gate is closed for a time (like overnight).  Or, you may prefer to have an electronic locking system


A gate gives you the power to control the entry and exiting that occurs at your property.  

To make it work successfully though, you must follow through with a locking method and a port of entry and exit technique as well.   

In the event that you are using a lock, be it a keyed lock or electronic, if the lock is a sturdy and strong one, criminals will most likely target the gate itself should they decide to break in.  Therefore, your gate must be as strong as your lock.

  1.  Surveillance Technology


How often have you heard it said that the intruder could have been caught if only the surveillance equipment would have been working properly?  Surveillance equipment is only as good as the technology behind it.  Otherwise, it is false security.

Criminals are no strangers to technology.  Inside jobs are often pulled off because the intruder knows where the surveillance system is and either rips it off the wall or puts a wad of chewing gum over the camera lens.  Yes, it can be that easy!  

Other times, the criminal goes about his evil deeds not aware that there is surveillance or not caring.  What could be an easy catch turns into sheer frustration when it is realized that the device was not functioning properly.  What a waste!

It is imperative to have a surveillance system that works reliably every single time.  Other considerations are vital too like placement.  It’s also important that the device is sturdy enough to withstand a blow.



It is natural (and even commendable) to want to protect what is important to you, be it human lives and/or material possessions.  Building a fortress by way of an outdoor security perimeter can save you from great loss from break-ins and unauthorized, unlawful entries.  Sometimes it’s time to take matters into your own hands, before it’s too late.  That is when it is advisable to trust a security specialist to do what they do best...keeping your area safe and secure.   


If you are looking for an outdoor perimeter security expert, the professionals at Tusco Perimeter Security Solutions are committed to keeping you on the safe side.  We are leaders in providing state of the art perimeter solutions. Contact us today for a consultation or security assessment.